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Children/Youth Programme


Diabetes in children and youths are increasing in Singapore. Denial and Depression are the big Ds that are tagged to Diabetes. In TDS, children and youths can find hope and enjoy life to the fullest!
‘Balloon galore’  was a time for the kids and even families joined in to learn a new skill and turn the humble balloon into a work of Art! It was a delight to see all participants went out to the neighborhood and give away their “masterpieces”. Kudos to them!

Besides balloon sculpting, Sea rafting was another highlight for all the participants. 20 youths & young adults gathered and were split into 2 teams to design and build a creative and stable raft that could bring the team out to the sea without capsizing! With limited materials given, we’re impressed with the raft they have built! The moment arrived when we all set out to test our raft! The teams would need to row their rafts to a designated point in the sea and stand on the raft to sing a song before heading back. The first group to head back to the shore would be the winner! In spite of their confidence, one team did hit a bumper, lost their balance and all fell into the sea! It was such a hilarious sight but nevertheless an amazing and fulfilling experience for all of us!